Food Museums to learn about and experience the food and wine excellences of Parma

Parma, the central hub of Italian food and wine culture, is the cradle of some of the main food products of our country, like Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Salame Felino, pasta, tomato, wine and many more. Indeed, the most important multinational companies of the food industry are born and developed in its Food Valley, as Barilla, Mutti, the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium and the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. To enhance this rich culinary tradition, the Provincial Administration of Parma has created the ambitious Food Museums project, which includes the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum, Pasta Museum, Tomato Museum, Prosciutto Museum, Salame Felino Museum and the Wine Museum. These museums have been designed to recount the production process and the history of each
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Culatello Leporati: how to pair it

Culatello Leporati is a prestigious cold cut, characterised by its typical sweet and delicate flavour, which has no need to be paired with anything to be best savoured: it gives its best alone and slice after slice. Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with a small guide to taste it with bread, cheese, fruit and wine. Fairly seasoned white bread is the best solution for Culatello, so rustic loaves, buns and rolls are fine, especially if a few curls of butter are added; but savoury croissants, toast and crusty bread are also excellent. Regarding cheeses, however, delicate and sweetish ones are better, like stracchino, robiola or squacquerone, but pairing it with shavings of 12-month Parmigiano Reggiano on a slice
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Culatello vs Leporati Parma Ham: all the differences

Parma Ham and Culatello di Zibello have several substantial differences making them peculiar: let’s learn about them in this article. Both cold cuts are made from Italian bred pigs, with salting and maturation of the meat. However, the cut of the meat is different, because the whole thigh with practically all its rind is used for Parma Ham, while for Culatello the fat of the pig is eliminated along with the rind and bone. The “Fiocchetto” the less valuable part of the thigh, is also removed so only the tenderest part is processed. As we have seen several times here on the Leporati site, only wet sea salt is used for salting Parma Ham for the parts with rind and
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Made in Italy pairings of Leporati pancetta

Pancetta is undoubtedly one of the cold cuts that is the easiest to pair, because its sweet and intense flavour marries wonderfully with numerous dishes. In Italy, we are particularly fond of several combinations: in this article we will have a look together, but, firstly, let’s learn more about Leporati rolled pancetta. Leporati rolled pancetta is a fine cold cut prepared with the pig’s belly and, thanks to its processing with the fatty part on the outside and around 5/6 months maturation, it is characterised for its tenderness and delicate taste. When we speak about bread, pancetta goes well with various types as homemade, wholemeal, sandwich bread and is the perfect protagonist of many delicious sandwiches.  Choosing a sandwich with
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Trend food 2017: artisan cuts of meat and cold cuts

In 2017, consumers have the ever-increasing desire to buy artisan cuts of meat and cold cuts from trusted butchers, a natural consequence of greater attention and awareness to purchasing food and to its quality. Artisan butchers are indeed, the guarantee of high quality meat and this also applies to Parma ham and other cold cuts, because if they are sliced on the spot, you savour them at their best, capturing all their flavour and benefitting from their natural properties. As we know, in fact, Parma ham contains high protein values making it unique among all other cold cuts, as well as multiple beneficial properties for the body, which are optimally maintained only with artisan cuts. The first certainty regarding the
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Leporati Parma ham sandwich: Italians’ choices

Parma ham is used in Italy as a filling of many different sandwiches because it goes well with numerous flavours, from the sweetest to the most savoury. To begin with, the combination of Parma ham and fruit is certainly one of the most delicious, even in sandwiches, because it is a classic, but at the same time, sought after if put inside unusual sandwiches, as Leporati Parma ham, apples, nuts, robiola cheese and honey. When talking about Parma ham and fruit, the pairing with figs cannot be missed out, perhaps in a sandwich with a little bit of stringy mozzarella: the result is truly amazing! Alternatively, you can try a sandwich filled with Leporati Parma ham and grilled peaches, for
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The best wines to pair with Leporati Parma ham

Which Italian wine should you pair with Leporati Parma ham to best enhance the flavour?   To be able to choose the right wine to pair with this cold cut, you must remember that two main flavours combine: the salty flavour perceived in the lean part and the sweet one in the fat. As we know, salt is actually the only ingredient allowed to develop the flavour in Parma ham, while the fat contains aromas that make it sweeter and this contrast of flavours, the main characteristic in the King of cold cuts, is an important element also in choosing the wine. What makes Parma ham more or less flavoursome, however, is the maturation: the longer it is, the more
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Leporati Parma ham: GMO-free Italian flavour

The food world is experiencing the formation of increasingly more trends oriented toward greater awareness in food product purchasing by consumers and it is within this context that attention and search for GMO-free food, is focused. Leporati Parma ham does not contain GMOs, chemical additives or preservatives: Parma ham is strictly made with pork and sea salt to which we add the “sugna”, which is composed of pig fat, salt, ground pepper and rice flour and is used only to cover the lean part of the ham.  The pigs which the thighs come from, are all born and bred in Italy, while the sea salt that is used for salting comes from the Southern Italian saltworks Leporati Parma ham is
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Leporati rolled ham, the secret ingredient of your recipes

Pancetta is not all the same: it can be stretched, rindless, flat or rolled. At Leporati today, we are going to explain about our rolled ham, obtained from the belly of the animal, then salted, aromatised with spices, left to dry for 3/5 days and then rolled with the fatty part turned to the outside for a long maturation of at least 5/6 months, giving it a top-quality result, wrapped in a gut with a 2-mm twine in a room with a temperature between 10 and 13 degrees and 70-75% humidity.  This cold cut is a must in Italian cuisine in 12 regions of the country, each one of them having local traditions in its preparation and especially in the
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Pork cuts

Parma ham is obtained from the pig’s thigh, the most prized part of the pig, but today we will speak about other pork cuts, from which Leporati cold cuts and other delicacies are obtained. The throat and cheek lard, which make up the fat part from the head to the animal’s shoulder, are used to make raw salami, but also for cotechino (large pork sausage) and zampone (stuffed pig’s trotter). Cooked shoulder ham is obtained from the shoulder, when cooked, or it can be used to make raw salami in the rump part and in the muscle part for products that need to be cooked as cotechino, cooked salami, mortadella and frankfurters. Pancetta, the front part of the pig’s belly
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