Leporati Parma ham sandwich: Italians’ choices


Parma ham is used in Italy as a filling of many different sandwiches because it goes well with numerous flavours, from the sweetest to the most savoury.

To begin with, the combination of Parma ham and fruit is certainly one of the most delicious, even in sandwiches, because it is a classic, but at the same time, sought after if put inside unusual sandwiches, as Leporati Parma ham, apples, nuts, robiola cheese and honey.

When talking about Parma ham and fruit, the pairing with figs cannot be missed out, perhaps in a sandwich with a little bit of stringy mozzarella: the result is truly amazing!

Alternatively, you can try a sandwich filled with Leporati Parma ham and grilled peaches, for an unforgettable flavour, or a sandwich with Parma ham, brie and nuts…. both are an excellent mix of tradition and originality.

If you want to choose more traditional typical sandwiches of the area, you cannot miss out on a sandwich with Parma ham, grilled aubergines and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shavings, another Italian excellence, globally renowned and appreciated.

Do you love toasties? Try one with Parma ham, cheese, mustard and rocket, perfect for those who love strong flavours. If you are watching your waistline and keeping to a healthy diet, you could opt for a sandwich with Parma ham, carrots and mushrooms, a healthy but also very tasty alternative.

Naturally, an important factor to determine the end result is the type of bread you choose, which we prefer to leave up to you, without any influence from us…Just that you use Leporati ham! ;)

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