Leporati rolled ham, the secret ingredient of your recipes


Pancetta is not all the same: it can be stretched, rindless, flat or rolled.

At Leporati today, we are going to explain about our rolled ham, obtained from the belly of the animal, then salted, aromatised with spices, left to dry for 3/5 days and then rolled with the fatty part turned to the outside for a long maturation of at least 5/6 months, giving it a top-quality result, wrapped in a gut with a 2-mm twine in a room with a temperature between 10 and 13 degrees and 70-75% humidity. 

This cold cut is a must in Italian cuisine in 12 regions of the country, each one of them having local traditions in its preparation and especially in the types of spices used to season it. It is therefore, a must appreciated product for Italians, whether alone or in a sandwich, but also as a wonderful ingredient for mirepoix, first and second dishes.

Soft with a delicate flavour, Leporati rolled ham melts in your mouth and is perfect to boost your meat, fish and vegetable recipes, whether in the pan or the oven, giving them unique scent and flavour.

Our rolled pancetta is ideal if enjoyed on a warm slice of durum wheat bread so that the melting fat leaves an unforgettable taste.

We recommend you also try it with scrambled eggs, perhaps for breakfast or brunch, along with cooked spinach or other vegetables like grilled courgettes: it will surprise you!

Leporati rolled ham is the right choice to amaze in the kitchen with a 100% truly handcrafted and genuine Italian ingredient.

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