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Cold Cuts

Only cold cuts that are still processed “as they once were” are part of the Leporati product range. Commercially, true artisan products with the flavour and scent as they were once, are less found.

Here we propose some characteristic cold cuts just for connoisseurs.

  • Coppa di Parma - LeporatiCoppa di Parma

    Typical matured cold cut of the province of Parma, coming from a whole piece of meat of the neck of

  • Culatello LeporatiCulatello

    A cold cut of great gastronomic tradition, obtained from the select and sweetest part of the thigh

  • Culatello with rindCulatta

    Similar to culatello, this noble brother is produced in lower Parma; culatta with rind is obtained

  • Rolled PancettaRolled Pancetta

    Pancetta is a pork cold cut prepared with the belly of the animal. Thanks to its processing, that

  • Salame di Felino LeporatiFelino Salami

    A sausage obtained from working meat and fat of Italian pigs. It has the characteristic elongated